I’ll Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse

Meet the Dons who run Silicon Valley – the PayPal Mafia
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Primavera Zombie

Não, não é o milagre de Fátima de 1917

Pensei que nunca viveria uma cena de Apocalipse Zombie até este sábado no festival Primavera Sound.

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Back to the drawing board

WHAT? It was cold… and raining… and i needed a smoke… and it was really cold

So I decided I have a lot of useless stuff to say about video games and I really  need to get it off my chest.

So I accepted an invitation to join some buddies up at the A Arcada website.

They actually write about interesting stuff. I’m the comic relief.

So if you can read portuguese and are into stand down comedy, definitely check it out!

If you cannot read portuguese but can’t stay away from my awesome, breathtaking, brain impregnating writings… well, they invented Google Translate for a reason. Don’t be a slacker.

Will taste better listening to James Ferraro – Leather High School

The Witcher 2 first impressions: who ordered the smoking pipe, the eyeglasses and the beard?

Put your shirt back on and get up. Drugs, sex and rock n' roll are nowhere to be seen as of yet...

You know that television series, “The West Wing” (“Os Homens do Presidente”)? Yeah, well that’s what the first hours of The Witcher 2 feel like.

Lots of talking, names being thrown around, conspiracy theories, and i’m left thinking… “COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING I CAN FKN UNDERSTAND?”. Notice tha i did played, finished and loved the 1st game, read a book with the main tales of The Witcher and devoured the polish tv series! So yeah, i know a thing or two about the Witcher’s world.

At first i just thought “wow cool, tension is brewing”, but now i don’t know anymore… it’s a dense plot, but where’s the fun?

On its way I hope…

On the good side, you really DO feel you’re there, alongside Geralt the witcher. And “there” is awesome also because it’s polish medieval setting feels clearly different from any other thing you’ve ever seen on a video game.

Please god, don’t let The Witcher 2 be another waste of space. Amen.

I’ll keep you… posted… (pun intended).

Tablet War: Enter the Sony Dragon

S1 and S2: One resembles the iPad, the other a burrito. Ok, a Nintendo DS, jeeezzz...

Sony sharpens it’s teeth and it’s designers, joins forces with Google (Android) and enters the Tablet War.

This could actually be a good idea, as Sony owns a lot of stuff it can use in a cross media logic: some of the best video games (Playstation running on Android), movies and bands.

You can check out all the nerdy specs here.

Looks like a small PS3, but it really is just a burrito... tablet i mean!

It’s no secret: Google’s Android may be stealing the numbers, but Apple’s iPad awesome and elegant experience is still light years ahead of it’s competitors.

I recently bought an iPad (the most basic 1st generation one) – even though i said i wouldn’t – mainly for professional business. I make digital magazines and they’re all, mostly exclusively, on the iPad.

I am continually being blown away by the iPad. I could say it’s because of it’s elegant full functioning ecosystem, but that would be undermining. You just have to use it on a daily basis to understand it’s value, and the value of tablets in general, as a new working and entertaining tool.

Still, it’s important not to forget that whoever has the greater amount of good apps has the better advantage, just like in video games, where a console’s success is greatly defined by the quantity and quality of it’s games. And the iPad has all the greatest Apps.

What do you figure is the main reason for almost every tablet manufacturer going Android? yep, you guessed it, second best app store…

Sueing You, Sueing Me

We have old laws for a new and modern world. Still funny though.

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad

Samsung GalaxyTab vs Apple iPad: Let the games begin

It’s interesting to see how the Samsung is superior in many ways, It’s smaller and has less Apps available, but still… preety darn impressive.

Especially because you can use the Galaxy Tab to make phone calls.

I’m attending  the Portuguese launch of the Samsung Galaxy tab at Vodafone Colombo Store tonight, so if I get my hands on it, i’ll post a … HANDS-ON-IT later on

Read the comparative table bellow and/or watch the video.