Rolling Stone está à venda

Papa Francisco na capa da Rolling Stone
Papa Francisco diz adeus à Rolling Stone

Não será pedir demais que aqueles que foram especialistas em algo numa dada época o sejam também numa nova era?

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SANA Hotels wins Best Portuguese Tourism Website/App

We have been selected as the Best Portuguese Travel Website/App by ACEPI (DIGITAL Economy Association)

Our SANA Hotels websites have turned 1 year this Summer. Getting them up and running has been a fun but daunting task and so it’s amazing not only to get results but to actually get some social and professional recognition.

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry has been going trough huge changes. Globalization (or the shortening of distances), Internet ubiquity, Review Sites (like and an upcoming generation of new, different, and increasingly segmented type of customers, are just some of the main factors that have completely changed the rules of the game.

Getting to the lead of the race is now our main goal and we’re already working hard on several website improvements, as well as on the other off-site platforms that allow us to complete our digital marketing strategy.

The website was developed by our agency, By.

One Visual Tool List to End Them All


Blogging: Construir uma presença online


Queres criar um blog? Ou tens um mas não sabes que rumo lhe dar?

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I’ll Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse

Meet the Dons who run Silicon Valley – the PayPal Mafia
Explore the full interactive version (via Fleximize).

See the full story of the PayPal Mafia (via Fleximize).


Digital, Social & Mobile in 2015

Be impressed! The internet in real time…


Now that’s what I call Big Data…

Click the animation to open the full version (via

How Does Google REALLY Ranks Websites, Anyway?

The guys over at Quick Sprout whipped up this awesome infographics. Check it out and keep reading below.

Eu sou uma legenda awesome 

Turns out there are 200 ranking factors and you can find them here. Good Luck!

Primavera Zombie

Não, não é o milagre de Fátima de 1917

Pensei que nunca viveria uma cena de Apocalipse Zombie até este sábado no festival Primavera Sound.

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