How Does Google REALLY Ranks Websites, Anyway?


The guys over at Quick Sprout whipped up this awesome infographics. Check it out and keep reading below.

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Primavera Zombie

Não, não é o milagre de Fátima de 1917

Pensei que nunca viveria uma cena de Apocalipse Zombie até este sábado no festival Primavera Sound.

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Back to the drawing board

WHAT? It was cold… and raining… and i needed a smoke… and it was really cold

So I decided I have a lot of useless stuff to say about video games and I really  need to get it off my chest.

So I accepted an invitation to join some buddies up at the A Arcada website.

They actually write about interesting stuff. I’m the comic relief.

So if you can read portuguese and are into stand down comedy, definitely check it out!

If you cannot read portuguese but can’t stay away from my awesome, breathtaking, brain impregnating writings… well, they invented Google Translate for a reason. Don’t be a slacker.

Will taste better listening to James Ferraro – Leather High School


Television Days

While chatting to a friend about her WebTV adventures I realized that, in the last 6 years,  i have garnered more experience on the television subject than I ever wanted to.

Working in front of cameras and mics has never really appealed to me, but i can’t deny I had fun.

So, here’s a little trip down memory lane. For laughs 😉


Top Games on Panda Biggs TV channel 


Happy New Year, GuestList is here

Indie and Hipster is everywhere now. click the cover for a stripes and sepia OD!

Reverse thinking and out of the box ideas. Click the cover for some EPIC silliness!

GuestList, Notícias

It’s Christmas time, there IS need to be afraid ’cause GuestList tmn 07 is ON!



GuestList is one of the best digital magazines in the world!

Our magazine, GuestList tmn, is nominated by the prestigious Digital Magazine Awards for the category Lifestyle Magazine of the Year!
The London-based Digital Magazine Awards does an annual selection of what they feel are the best digital magazines in the world. This year’s judges include people from the likes of CNN, BBC, New York Times and Reuters, among others.
In their opinion, GuestList tmn is one of the best lifestyle magazines in the world!
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Elegant and creative design, amazing usability and rigorous but entertaining editorial style, come together on a truly unique magazine.
It’s core team is composed by the editor-in-chief Gonçalo Brito, designer Hugo da Costa, programmer Paulo Lameira and technology director Pedro Machado.

GuestList tmn is the product of a partnership between Goody and PT mobile operator, TMN.

GuestList tmn: http://guestlist.tmn.pt

Digital Magazine Awards: http://www.digitalmagazineawards.com