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It’s Christmas time, there IS need to be afraid ’cause GuestList tmn 07 is ON!


GuestList is one of the best digital magazines in the world!

Our magazine, GuestList tmn, is nominated by the prestigious Digital Magazine Awards for the category Lifestyle Magazine of the Year!
The London-based Digital Magazine Awards does an annual selection of what they feel are the best digital magazines in the world. This year’s judges include people from the likes of CNN, BBC, New York Times and Reuters, among others.
In their opinion, GuestList tmn is one of the best lifestyle magazines in the world!
GuestList tmn will be competing against some of the biggest media groups in the world like Future Publishing, Condé Nast or Hearst Corporation.
Category Winners and the Overall Magazine of the Year will be announced and showcased in the Well Gallery, London College of Communication on 14th December.
GuestList tmn is one of the first digital magazines in the world to total reinvent the paper magazine concept for the online medium.
Elegant and creative design, amazing usability and rigorous but entertaining editorial style, come together on a truly unique magazine.
It’s core team is composed by the editor-in-chief Gonçalo Brito, designer Hugo da Costa, programmer Paulo Lameira and technology director Pedro Machado.

GuestList tmn is the product of a partnership between Goody and PT mobile operator, TMN.

GuestList tmn: http://guestlist.tmn.pt

Digital Magazine Awards: http://www.digitalmagazineawards.com


Digital Magazine Hunts Cool Stuff and Strikes Again

My favourite Issue so far!

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New GuestList digital magazine takes on the world

Have you ever wondered what your ancestors thought your future would be?

Have you ever heard of haut couture clothing made of… sugar? Well, a portuguese fashion designer has created them

Check out this and other awesome articles at this month’s GuestList.

Here’s GuestList number 2 in case you missed it!


—A different summer music festival— (also, a free playlist!)

Starting tomorrow i’ll be covering the Portuguese summer festival Milhões de Festa.

It has an amazingly fresh approach to the whole summer music festival scene as well as an awesome band lineup.

If internet conditions allow me, i’ll be posting updates HERE. Message me up if you have any suggestions.

I also created a playlist that includes all the bands from the lineup. Enjoy.


Wallowing through the Crises: is the world still breeding innovation?

What..? It could happen!

Well that’s one of the questions this report tries to answer. Click the image to get it… the one on the bottom, perv!

GuestList tmn – A Digital Magazine ushers in a new age

GuestList tmn is an interactive magazine like you’ve never really seen before. Music, nightlife, movies, urban culture, traveling, fashion, science, gadgets and many more band together to blow your mind and make you smile in te process.  The rules have changed. Get ready for a new digital revolution.

And i am honored to be it’s main creator, of course.

Click the image and enjoy!

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You can also check the amazing number zero HERE!

Nintendo launches tablet designed for video games. Apple trembles!

Touch me, i'm dick.

So Nintendo just announced its new Wii console, the Wii U, which has all the bells and whistles we expected, like full HD video output and heftier specs for more technologically advanced games. It’s also compatible with previous games and controllers.

But the real twist is its new controller!

It looks like a simple console controller with a touchscreen, but it’s so much more…

You can actually play the games without a TV and it has motion sensors, augmented reality (apparently), video-chat, web browsing and all the goodies you came to expect from the likes of Nintendo DSi.

I love the way Nintendo always pushes the creativity envelope to come up with new approaches to old standards, and relevant products and features.

You just gotta hand it to them: they’re good!

I just question a couple of things: the hefty size of the controller (and weight), and how much money will it cost.

Check out the glamorous showcase of the Wii U’s main features. It will rock your socks off!

The Witcher 2 first impressions: who ordered the smoking pipe, the eyeglasses and the beard?

Put your shirt back on and get up. Drugs, sex and rock n' roll are nowhere to be seen as of yet...

You know that television series, “The West Wing” (“Os Homens do Presidente”)? Yeah, well that’s what the first hours of The Witcher 2 feel like.

Lots of talking, names being thrown around, conspiracy theories, and i’m left thinking… “COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING I CAN FKN UNDERSTAND?”. Notice tha i did played, finished and loved the 1st game, read a book with the main tales of The Witcher and devoured the polish tv series! So yeah, i know a thing or two about the Witcher’s world.

At first i just thought “wow cool, tension is brewing”, but now i don’t know anymore… it’s a dense plot, but where’s the fun?

On its way I hope…

On the good side, you really DO feel you’re there, alongside Geralt the witcher. And “there” is awesome also because it’s polish medieval setting feels clearly different from any other thing you’ve ever seen on a video game.

Please god, don’t let The Witcher 2 be another waste of space. Amen.

I’ll keep you… posted… (pun intended).