How Does Google REALLY Ranks Websites, Anyway?


The guys over at Quick Sprout whipped up this awesome infographics. Check it out and keep reading below.

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Television Days

While chatting to a friend about her WebTV adventures I realized that, in the last 6 years,  i have garnered more experience on the television subject than I ever wanted to.

Working in front of cameras and mics has never really appealed to me, but i can’t deny I had fun.

So, here’s a little trip down memory lane. For laughs 😉


Top Games on Panda Biggs TV channel 

And they say Flash won’t run on iPad…

Flash on iPad: legend or reality?

It’s a joke, but it’s NOT A JOKE.

It IS now possible to browse the web on iPad with no Flash limitations.

Our savior is called iSWiFTER. You can download it for limited time browsing or buy the full version for only 3 euros.

Just thought you’d like to know…