SANA Hotels wins Best Portuguese Tourism Website/App

We have been selected as the Best Portuguese Travel Website/App by ACEPI (DIGITAL Economy Association)

Our SANA Hotels websites have turned 1 year this Summer. Getting them up and running has been a fun but daunting task and so it’s amazing not only to get results but to actually get some social and professional recognition.

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry has been going trough huge changes. Globalization (or the shortening of distances), Internet ubiquity, Review Sites (like and an upcoming generation of new, different, and increasingly segmented type of customers, are just some of the main factors that have completely changed the rules of the game.

Getting to the lead of the race is now our main goal and we’re already working hard on several website improvements, as well as on the other off-site platforms that allow us to complete our digital marketing strategy.

The website was developed by our agency, By.

It’s Christmas time, there IS need to be afraid ’cause GuestList tmn 07 is ON!


Digital Magazine Hunts Cool Stuff and Strikes Again

My favourite Issue so far!

Click ME to enjoy it!

Wallowing through the Crises: is the world still breeding innovation?

What..? It could happen!

Well that’s one of the questions this report tries to answer. Click the image to get it… the one on the bottom, perv!

GuestList tmn – A Digital Magazine ushers in a new age

GuestList tmn is an interactive magazine like you’ve never really seen before. Music, nightlife, movies, urban culture, traveling, fashion, science, gadgets and many more band together to blow your mind and make you smile in te process.  The rules have changed. Get ready for a new digital revolution.

And i am honored to be it’s main creator, of course.

Click the image and enjoy!

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You can also check the amazing number zero HERE!

Nintendo launches tablet designed for video games. Apple trembles!

Touch me, i'm dick.

So Nintendo just announced its new Wii console, the Wii U, which has all the bells and whistles we expected, like full HD video output and heftier specs for more technologically advanced games. It’s also compatible with previous games and controllers.

But the real twist is its new controller!

It looks like a simple console controller with a touchscreen, but it’s so much more…

You can actually play the games without a TV and it has motion sensors, augmented reality (apparently), video-chat, web browsing and all the goodies you came to expect from the likes of Nintendo DSi.

I love the way Nintendo always pushes the creativity envelope to come up with new approaches to old standards, and relevant products and features.

You just gotta hand it to them: they’re good!

I just question a couple of things: the hefty size of the controller (and weight), and how much money will it cost.

Check out the glamorous showcase of the Wii U’s main features. It will rock your socks off!

Does your music suck? Just ask some kids!

Genius idea and publicity stunt. The band Broken Bells gathered a children focus group to comment on they’re new record. So cute.