Back to the drawing board

So I decided I have a lot of useless stuff to say about video games and I really  need to get it off my chest. So I accepted an invitation to join some buddies up at the A Arcada website. They actually write about interesting stuff. I’m the comic relief. So if you can read portuguese and are…

Happy New Year, GuestList is here

Indie and Hipster is everywhere now. click the cover for a stripes and sepia OD! Reverse thinking and out of the box ideas. Click the cover for some EPIC silliness!

New GuestList digital magazine takes on the world

Have you ever wondered what your ancestors thought your future would be? Have you ever heard of haut couture clothing made of… sugar? Well, a portuguese fashion designer has created them Check out this and other awesome articles at this month’s GuestList. Here’s GuestList number 2 in case you missed it! Enjoy!

GuestList tmn – A Digital Magazine ushers in a new age

GuestList tmn is an interactive magazine like you’ve never really seen before. Music, nightlife, movies, urban culture, traveling, fashion, science, gadgets and many more band together to blow your mind and make you smile in te process.  The rules have changed. Get ready for a new digital revolution. And i am honored to be it’s main creator, of course….

G2B2: o Robô que fala

Já está online a entrevista que dei há uns tempos para o site NoContinues. Foi conduzida pelo Renato Lopes. Nela fala-se um pouco sobre jornalismo, música e afins. Podem ver e/ou ler a malandra AQUI.