Notícias, Vamos todos morrer uma morte horrível

The 9/11 Inappropriate List

It’s usually in it’s darkest moments that mankind brings out it’s worst.

This list is on of those moments…

I believe that the people who compiled this list are utterly sadistic. How else could one explain the irony of songs like “Safe in New York City”, by AC/DC, or “Ironic”, by Alanis Morissette… is it because the US was attacked by the very terrorists they once trained?

the bad taste of including “Jump”, and even worst: “Learn to fly” (double pun here for jumpers and planes).

Why would someone include love songs like “Crash in To Me” (Dave Matthews Band) or “Falling for the First Time” (Barenaked Ladies)? Are they mad?

Well, they included “Walk Like an Egyptian”, so i’d say there’s your answer right there…

Alas, you know there’s pure evil at work here when you see “Say Hello to Heaven” on the list… that’s just wrong.

I can’t think of anything more inappropriate to do at the time of this catastrophe than the making of this Inappropriate List.


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