Wallowing through the Crises: is the world still breeding innovation?

What..? It could happen!

Well that’s one of the questions this report tries to answer. Click the image to get it… the one on the bottom, perv!


GuestList tmn – A Digital Magazine ushers in a new age

GuestList tmn is an interactive magazine like you’ve never really seen before. Music, nightlife, movies, urban culture, traveling, fashion, science, gadgets and many more band together to blow your mind and make you smile in te process.  The rules have changed. Get ready for a new digital revolution.

And i am honored to be it’s main creator, of course.

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You can also check the amazing number zero HERE!

And they say Flash won’t run on iPad…

Flash on iPad: legend or reality?

It’s a joke, but it’s NOT A JOKE.

It IS now possible to browse the web on iPad with no Flash limitations.

Our savior is called iSWiFTER. You can download it for limited time browsing or buy the full version for only 3 euros.

Just thought you’d like to know…

Tablet War: Enter the Sony Dragon

S1 and S2: One resembles the iPad, the other a burrito. Ok, a Nintendo DS, jeeezzz...

Sony sharpens it’s teeth and it’s designers, joins forces with Google (Android) and enters the Tablet War.

This could actually be a good idea, as Sony owns a lot of stuff it can use in a cross media logic: some of the best video games (Playstation running on Android), movies and bands.

You can check out all the nerdy specs here.

Looks like a small PS3, but it really is just a burrito... tablet i mean!

It’s no secret: Google’s Android may be stealing the numbers, but Apple’s iPad awesome and elegant experience is still light years ahead of it’s competitors.

I recently bought an iPad (the most basic 1st generation one) – even though i said i wouldn’t – mainly for professional business. I make digital magazines and they’re all, mostly exclusively, on the iPad.

I am continually being blown away by the iPad. I could say it’s because of it’s elegant full functioning ecosystem, but that would be undermining. You just have to use it on a daily basis to understand it’s value, and the value of tablets in general, as a new working and entertaining tool.

Still, it’s important not to forget that whoever has the greater amount of good apps has the better advantage, just like in video games, where a console’s success is greatly defined by the quantity and quality of it’s games. And the iPad has all the greatest Apps.

What do you figure is the main reason for almost every tablet manufacturer going Android? yep, you guessed it, second best app store…

Digital Magazines flock to the iPad

With the iPad 2 just around the corner, the prices for the iPad dropped significantly, creating a buy and sell craze on the second hand market, with people reportedly buying iPads for as low as 60 dollars.

This is good news for publishing media, as it means more and more people are acquiring tablets and, hopefully, digital magazines.

Adobe’s customized solution alone (Adobe Digital Publishing Suite) has already been used to create 155 magazines magazines for the iPad. Wired, Empire, Maxim,Vogue, Cosmopolitan and National Geographic are only a few examples. Check out the complete listing HERE.

Also, check out this video for Earth Periodical, another new mag developed with the Adobe tool.

Bee Google, Go Honeycomb


Google has unveiled it’s new operating system for tablets and mobile phones with the particular of being the exact same app for both.

The OS was showed off running on a Motorola tablet powered by an NVIDIA 3D dual core processor which means – should this prove to be true – that this is a second generation tablet – way powerful than the current tablets on the market.

See the vid bellow for more details

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad

Samsung GalaxyTab vs Apple iPad: Let the games begin

It’s interesting to see how the Samsung is superior in many ways, It’s smaller and has less Apps available, but still… preety darn impressive.

Especially because you can use the Galaxy Tab to make phone calls.

I’m attending  the Portuguese launch of the Samsung Galaxy tab at Vodafone Colombo Store tonight, so if I get my hands on it, i’ll post a … HANDS-ON-IT later on

Read the comparative table bellow and/or watch the video.



Here Come the Tablets

Tablets will forever change the joke: "does it make coffee too?» Well, they may not make coffee, but they sure as hell can hold it!

It should be as soon as the coming Christmas that the first generation of tablets will hit the shelves and fight for buyers attention («pick me!» «no pick me!!» «i’m way better, pick me instead!»).

Everyone already knows that the  Apple iPad is a great buy. But i’m sure a lot of people (like myself) do not want to join the Apple family, and so is looking for a more versatile solution.

I’ve got my eyes on Samsung Galaxy Tab, with the great Android OS and Market, but there’s gonna be many more options to choose from.

Here’s a little something i stole from Wired that should help: