The Witcher 2 first impressions: who ordered the smoking pipe, the eyeglasses and the beard?

Put your shirt back on and get up. Drugs, sex and rock n' roll are nowhere to be seen as of yet...

You know that television series, “The West Wing” (“Os Homens do Presidente”)? Yeah, well that’s what the first hours of The Witcher 2 feel like.

Lots of talking, names being thrown around, conspiracy theories, and i’m left thinking… “COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING I CAN FKN UNDERSTAND?”. Notice tha i did played, finished and loved the 1st game, read a book with the main tales of The Witcher and devoured the polish tv series! So yeah, i know a thing or two about the Witcher’s world.

At first i just thought “wow cool, tension is brewing”, but now i don’t know anymore… it’s a dense plot, but where’s the fun?

On its way I hope…

On the good side, you really DO feel you’re there, alongside Geralt the witcher. And “there” is awesome also because it’s polish medieval setting feels clearly different from any other thing you’ve ever seen on a video game.

Please god, don’t let The Witcher 2 be another waste of space. Amen.

I’ll keep you… posted… (pun intended).


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