SANA Hotels wins Best Portuguese Tourism Website/App

Our SANA Hotels websites have turned 1 year this Summer. Getting them up and running has been a fun but daunting task and so it’s amazing not only to get results but to actually get some social and professional recognition. It’s no secret that the hospitality industry has been going trough huge changes. Globalization (or…

How Does Google REALLY Ranks Websites, Anyway?

The guys over at Quick Sprout whipped up this awesome infographics. Check it out and keep reading below. Turns out there are 200 ranking factors and you can find them here. Good Luck!

Primavera Zombie

Pensei que nunca viveria uma cena de Apocalipse Zombie até este sábado no festival Primavera Sound.

Back to the drawing board

So I decided I have a lot of useless stuff to say about video games and I really  need to get it off my chest. So I accepted an invitation to join some buddies up at the A Arcada website. They actually write about interesting stuff. I’m the comic relief. So if you can read portuguese and are…

Television Days

While chatting to a friend about her WebTV adventures I realized that, in the last 6 years,  i have garnered more experience on the television subject than I ever wanted to. Working in front of cameras and mics has never really appealed to me, but i can’t deny I had fun. So, here’s a little trip down…

Happy New Year, GuestList is here

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