GuestList is one of the best digital magazines in the world!

Our magazine, GuestList tmn, is nominated by the prestigious Digital Magazine Awards for the category Lifestyle Magazine of the Year!
The London-based Digital Magazine Awards does an annual selection of what they feel are the best digital magazines in the world. This year’s judges include people from the likes of CNN, BBC, New York Times and Reuters, among others.
In their opinion, GuestList tmn is one of the best lifestyle magazines in the world!
GuestList tmn will be competing against some of the biggest media groups in the world like Future Publishing, Condé Nast or Hearst Corporation.
Category Winners and the Overall Magazine of the Year will be announced and showcased in the Well Gallery, London College of Communication on 14th December.
GuestList tmn is one of the first digital magazines in the world to total reinvent the paper magazine concept for the online medium.
Elegant and creative design, amazing usability and rigorous but entertaining editorial style, come together on a truly unique magazine.
It’s core team is composed by the editor-in-chief Gonçalo Brito, designer Hugo da Costa, programmer Paulo Lameira and technology director Pedro Machado.

GuestList tmn is the product of a partnership between Goody and PT mobile operator, TMN.

GuestList tmn:

Digital Magazine Awards:



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